December 14, 2016 | Prague

As a fashion insider, you have to know the very best fashion destinations. The one of the Elisette’s personal favorites is a Luxury Bags store in heart of Prague. If you are looking for an amazing pre-loved designer pieces to buy or if you want to have a star kind of moment, try a handbag rental at Luxury Bags in Týnská ulička, Prague.

Neither Carrie from Sex and the city did not know about handbags rental companies until her assistent Loius told her about them. What was the first impulse that led you to establish the first handbags rental company in 2007, which successfully extended itself to encompass sale of luxury pre-loved accessories shortly afterwards?
The idea came from Germany. Ten years ago, co-owner of Luxury Bags saw a report on TV about young woman, who had a huge collection of handbags and she decided to share them with world. In the begining the handbags had been chosen by wish of our costumers. But the time has shown, that customers are more interested in purchase and sale of luxury handbags and accessories and therefore the Luxury Bags is now mostly focused on sale and repurchase of luxury secondhand pieces.

There are really beautiful pieces from world’s leading designers in your offer. Which of them do your clients like the most?
The most favourite brand is, and most probably always will be, Louis Vuitton. During those almost ten years we are at market, the demand of customers has radically changed. Customers regularly follow foreign fashion blogs, where they look for an inspiration. Therefore Céline, Saint Laurent, Chanel or Valentino are so popular brands these days.

According to your opinion – why are the luxury handbags and accessories the right investment?
If you choose the right brand, model and material, you will gain love in the form of beautiful handbag for your whole life. Such handbag is timeless, and thanks to perfect processing it lasts as new for 20 or more years, if you threat it carefully. But not only because of that, but prices of luxury goods are still going higher. For instance the price of Lady Dior handbag is 3 times higher than it was before 10 years. You will not find any better interest yield than this. 🙂

Which luxury accessories are, according to Luxury bags, „must have“ for every woman?
Every woman is unique and prefer different style… thanks god, otherwise we all would look the same. But if you want to hear the most popular pieces on behalf of Luxury Bags, it would be Chanel Flap handbag, any dress and shoes from Dolce and Gabbana, jewelry from Tiffany, diary and purse from Louis Vuitton and ordinary glasses from Ray Ban or Dior So Real.

Where can our readers choose from the wide range of Luxury Bags offer?
You will find all the offered goods at the website and also in the retail store in Prague 1, Týnská ulička 10, near Staroměstské náměstí and Parížská ulice. Offer mostly changes everyday, new pieces are added to the e-shop 2 times per week, always on Tuesday and Thursday evening.

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December 9, 2016 | Bratislava


The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.

Arthur Conan Doyle

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November 27, 2016 | Bratislava


Jeans, blouse and denim jacket – Lindex (similar at StyleWe) |Sunglasess – MiuMiu – Eyerim | Handbags – Mini MACs by Rebecca Minkoff

Lately, I’ve been thinking about style of nowadays. How would you define it? How would you describe it? Of course, there are some fashion trends, but there are so many of them and they are changing so fast, that you can’t really define it easily. I mean, when we are talking about 20’s you know than we are talking about lot of fun, parties, glam and glitters etc. Or 70’s, it was also possible to describe a decade. It was a colorful era of love and peace. So, if I should describe the last ten years or even last year… I have to say, that everything is moving so fast, I just can’t name it. I asked also some other fashion stylists, but they (exactly as I) could always define only some short time period of fashion. So, here we are now. For now, this is trendy and fashionable. This is what we like to wear. We are all individuals in 21st century, we don’t really have a common style, but at least, I think, it’s not bad at all, because in my view, individuality and personal expression is what fashion should allow us to do. Even we are sometimes too minimalistic, too extravagant or even when we don’t know where to stop,…


Dress, boots, earrings and bracelets – Valentino, White shirt – BonPrix, Jeans – Pierre Balmain


Bomber jacket – BonPrix | Sneakers and handbag – Gucci | Jeans – Acne Studios | Mascara, powder and lipstick – Givenchy Beauty