August 12, 2016 | Trnava

In twenty years I learned a lot. A lot about life, about people, but what’s the most important, I learned a lot about myself. I know what I like, what I don’t like, how my fashion taste is, how I behave in different situations. But at least, any of these things aren’t as important as  that I understand, that I’m happy and that I  always will be happy only when I will be true to myself. Thanks that I’m really true to myself, I can better understand my real needs and I’m not so suggestible. I think, wait, I already know, that in the world of today, it’s really hard to don’t lie to yourself subconsciously and to don’t crack under pressure of the world around. Now I know, that only aspiration in every people life should be to be happy. When you are happy, you have everything. Now I know, that I don’t have to run for things I should run for, because the world is waiting for me to do it. I won’t do it, if it won’t make me happy and satisfied. Now, I won’t hunt any man, if he will came to my life, I will be happy, but if he won’t, it will be ok. Also, I don’t need to follow any rules of modern beauty. I don’t want to be predictable anymore. I’m happy now, with my close friends, I got a smile on my lips daily and really, I don’t need a man to make me smile. Even it sounds like cliché, when I stopped to follow expectations and decided to follow myself, I found an inner peace and I’m happy. Women, don’t crack under pressure of the world of conventions, be yourself and stay true to yourself. From the heart, that’s what I wish for my 20th birthday.



August 11, 2016 | New York


Anna Niklova, a rising illustrator star from Czech Republic, who is currently studying an illustration at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) told us about her inspirations, but also about how her life changed, when she moved to New York and why you should visit a city that never sleeps if you ever get a chance.

What do you love/enjoy the most about your work?
I think what I love the most about drawing and creating is the uncertainty of the final outcome. When I start a new illustration, I almost always have some kind of vision in my mind but the final drawing is often different, actually better than what I’ve imagined and it’s always exciting to see that outcome. So I really just love the process of the making, always curious what will come out of it.

A favourite part of your working day?
I guess the most favorite part of working are those moments of realization that something is done, a project is finished and accomplished and I know that it’s the best I could have done and I’m satisfied with it. It’s a feeling that I believe every other creative knows, and it’s these moments that remind every artist why they’re doing what they’re doing, the meaning behind their work and how much it makes them happy.

Fashion Illustration 1

What do you consider as a biggest advantage, that you work/live in field of fashion, design, etc.?
I would say one of the biggest advantages are definitely the amazing people you get to meet while working in such a field. Working around other amazing creatives is always super inspiring and pushes me to work more and harder. And when it comes to art and fashion especially, I really enjoy to keep following other’s new creations and designs and getting inspired by them.

Vintage or ready-to-wear? + where to shop it/by who
I guess I’d have to say both, but it’s true that the longer I live in New York, the less I shop in regular clothing stores and instead go around many vintage, so called “buy-sell-trade” stores, that are all over the city. Some of them are for example Buffalo Exchange or Beacon’s Closet. Sometimes it’s like a search for a hidden treasure, you don’t have to find anything in a long time of searching, but sometimes it happens within minutes that you come across an amazing bargained priced designer’s clothing.


The most loved fashion destination?
I guess I can’t really decide between New York and Paris. I know New York is probably not the true center of fashion, but there are a lot of things going on and to see and as I live in it, I’ve come to love its diverse fashion. One thing I truly admire about this city is the fact that no one is ashamed of any kind of style, nothing is considered too crazy. On the other hand I love going to Paris and being surrounded by its subtle elegance that is so visibly contrasting to New York’s craziness.

What did you learn about fashion from your mom?
I think definitely the older I get, the more I see myself dressing like my mom, while realizing all the other things I picked up from her. But one more specific and imporant thing that I’ve learned from her about fashion (and later from my favorite fashion designers as well), is that black color is my absolutely most favorite color to wear and you can almost never go wrong with it.

Beauty products you can’t imagine life without?
The one beauty product I really can’t live without is actually any kind of chapstick. I can’t leave my house without it and you could usually fins extra ones in all of my bags, pockets or under my bed. I’m totally addicted to them and also love buying new brands and flavors and trying them out.


What do you want, but you don’t need?
I always want more bags. I have way too many already, but I can never stop myself to get just one more even though I don’t need any more at all.

How did the city or place you live in influence you?
Moving to New York from Prague has definitely influenced me a great deal, I have no idea what my artwork would be like now if I haven’t come here. New York is an incredible lively, diverse city pulsing with unique powerful energy that inevitably transfers on everyone who comes here. Its variety of people have definitely heavily influenced me in the fact that people, and more particularly their faces, are the main subject of most of my work now. And of course my interest to work in fashion illustration was highly impacted by the incredible fashion scene of this city.

Book you are reading currently?
A pretty brutal book that I’ve been wanting to read for a while and finally got to it – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

Favorite drink?
Definitely a glass of red wine, my favorite is probably Malbec.

Time to go to bed?
On work days, I definitely try to go to sleep before midnight, I always feel like the sleep gains a much better quality when falling asleep before midnight than anytime after. But there are always those nights that are made for this rule to be broken.

Thank you so much for those few minutes to read this, I am super grateful for any kind of support and if you ever get a chance to go to New York and have any doubts, do it! It’s a city like no other!

Check more art by Anna at or on Instagram: @anickart


August 2, 2016 | Bratislava


Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

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