September 18, 2016 | Vienna

To attend a fashion shows is always a pleasure for me. I love atmosphere and stylish people all around. Last week I attended Rozbora Couture fashion show at Vienna Fashion Week. I really like high-end wearable fashion which Richard Rozbora, creative director and head designer of Rozbora Couture, makes. His new collection for 2017 was amazing. I really liked colors and materials he used,  but I totally fell in love with light pleated skirts. They were so beautiful and feminine, that I think I will need one in purple. If you wish to see whole Rozbora’s collection for 2017, check Look Book below or if you live or planning to visit Slovakia, stop by in Imperia, where you can find Richard Rozbora’s models in the most beautiful spaces in Bratislava.

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September 2, 2016 | Vienna

DSC_0337 (1)

Through the years, Vienna become a really special place for me. It’s still the same place I felt in love with a years ago thanks to breathtaking architecture and history, but it’s also a brand new place everytime I come back. I always have a good time there with my family, close friends and I also love to spend time there on my own. I always enjoy it, always explore a new places and always love it. Before I couldn’t wait to shop in Vienna and to drink Starbucks’s caramel hot chocolate, now I look forward more to feel atmosphere of that multicultural city. And even more, I can’t wait to attend upcoming Rozbora Couture fashion show during Vienna Fashion Week on September 14th.

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