2017 Beauty Favourites

Our editors and also beauty junkies presents their favourite products, which were launched in 2017, but also the ones, which they discovered this year and already can’t live without.

Annie’s choice | beauty editor

This little pot of dewy sheen can be tapped over high points if your face for a natural but noticeable glow. It’s pricey, but a pot lasts about two years.
This cleanser simply does it all: make up removal, skin softening, works wet and dry, doesn’t irritate and smells like roses. I’d be happy to commit for life.
All my glitter dreams were answered by these amazing opaque glitter gels. They’re easy to apply and remove, but last all day and night, and come in truly great shades. Adult Film, a holographic white, is my fave.

Rebecca’s choice | travel editor

No words needed, just try and love!


Betty’s choice | editor-in-chief

1. Tiffany & CO. Fragrance

The new fragrance by Tiffany is a true gem! This extraordinary scent made of the most rare ingredients in world of perfumes last long and smells so feminine. And that beautiful bottle… It’s a love, which last a lifetime.

2. Rouge Bunny Rouge Shadow Play

When it comes to Rouge Bunny Rouge products, I’m always sure about the best quality. I had also high expectations, when they launched Shadow Play. This products, which contour skin in really natural way is just amazing.

3. Yves Rocher Shea Butter

New line with shea butter by Yves Rocher really is something! I never thought, that there could be such a difference in shower creams and body creams, but there is! If you have a dry skin, there’s anything else, what I can recommend more!

4. Le Mini Macaron Gel Mani

This semi permanent gels are everything! I’m super-excited about this kits as well as my family and friends are. It take just 20 minutes, but it looks like from saloon. Plus finish and lasting… you will love it, I promise.

Betty Molnárová
Betty Molnárová



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