3 Worth to Try Face Masks

It’s not a secret, that a good skin care is the key to beautiful looking and healthy skin. So,if you don’t have a skin care routine yet, get inspired and maybe start straight away by face masks, which we truly love as they work efficient and also, it’s fun to use them. Here are three we tried recently and really are worth to try.

Holika Holika – Strawberry Pure Essence Mask Sheet

Sheet masks are simply skin savers! After a long day, after sleepless night or after flight – they are always here to save you and refresh you. This one by Holika Holika with strawberry extract provides moisture and is super gentle to skin. This sheet mask was in compare with others, more wet and cold, so especially when you are tired, you will love this one as it provides a maximum refreshment and nourishment.

Yves Rocher – Elixir Jeunesse Detoxifying Flash Mask 

This face mask as a whole Elixir Jeunesse range, smells amazing and is really gentle and smooth. Yves Rocher face mask cleans up and protects skin against UV, fatigue and stress. As a long-term result you may see more bright and healthier looking skin.

Biovene – Black Peel-off Mask 

Everybody knows peel-off masks today as they are all over the internet and everybody loves them. They looks like fun to use and they really are. This mask with (obviously) activated charcoal deep cleans skin and smells really nice! And if you are asking, if peeling off hurts – no, almost at all! 😉

Betty Molnárová
Betty Molnárová


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