5 Ways to Wear a Black Skirt

Everyone owns a black skirt of some description, a timeless piece to any wardrobe. This staple piece is so versatile so here are some of our favourite ways to wear a black skirt.

1. Black Pencil skirts
The black pencil skirt is a must for any business woman. This skirt looks elegant and professional when paired with a peplum top – of any colour or pattern. Buy a bright peplum top if you want to create an outfit using colour blocking or a smart feminine blouse for an easier look. The peplum top will show of your figure whilst the pencil skirt provides a slimming effect on the legs – perfect for looking stylish in the company meetings. The pencil skirt can also be worn on more casual outings with a simple plain crop top or a simple tee.

Sunglasses – Le Specs | Blouse – Balenciaga | Skirt – Cellbes | Pink top – Peter Pilotto

2. Black Skater skirt
The skater skirt is a simple way to make your outfit more girly and fun; this skirt is the perfect choice for someone who is looking to add a feminine and exciting piece to their outfit. This skirt is more casual than others but could be paired with a smart shirt for a business look. The best way to wear this skirt though, is with a checked shirt tucked in too create a chic and funky outfit. The black in the skirt makes it easy to pair with a patterned top and the checked shirt is a match made in heaven.

Skirt – Cellbes | Sneakers – Adidas | T-shirt – Topshop | Handbag – Mark Cross

3. Black Maxi skirt
The perfect skirt for relaxing and girly meet ups – the maxi skirt. This skirt is great at creating a slender frame due to its length and colour so a great choice for many women. For a girly dinner pair your black maxi skirt with a neutral oversized top with matching accessories but this outfit can also be worn by the casual festival goer or bohemian. Pair with converse and floaty white top, for the perfect relaxed style which can be worn in numerous situations.

Top – Dodo Bar Or | Sneakers – Tory Sport | Skirt – Cellbes | Earrings – Isabel Marant

4. Black Midi Skirt
A midi skirt is a great choice for most women as it comes in so many different variations making it easy to find one that suits you. A midi skirt can have different textures, fits and lengths. Some are loose fitting which allow them to have volume and shape in the breeze whilst others are figure hugging and fitted. These variations allow it to be worn in a relaxed style or professional manner. For a relaxed style pair, a loose fitting black midi skirt with an oversized tee and denim jacket with a simple pair of trainers for a chic on the go style. For a more professional appearance pair a tight-fitting midi skirt with a smart crisp white blouse and chunky accessories.

Skirt – Ellery | Blouse – Dolce & Gabbana | Heels – Christian Louboutin | Lipstick – NARS

5.  Black Leather skirts
Materials can also have a huge impact on the way an outfit is styled. Black leather skirts are in almost every shop and are a staple piece in a women’s wardrobe. With different styles and lengths, you are bound to find a skirt that suits your image. Leather is such a classic and timeless fabric worn throughout fashion history that a classic black leather skirt is sure to make an impact. Pair with a pretty, lacey bralette and killer heels for a night out or pair with a bright mustard shirt and brogues for a classic look with a twist.

Skirt – Cellbes | Heels – Christian Louboutin | Choker, t-shirt and nail lacquers – Balmain





Bryony Jones
Bryony Jones

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