A woman, who always admired people writing stories, became writer herself. Back in 2010 she started her very first blog. She collected there all her actual inspirations, talked about people and life she lived. After enrolling to School of Applied Arts in field of Fashion Styling & Marketing back in 2011, she launched another blog. This one was focused on fashion and beauty. By the time, she discovered hidden passion for art of all types. She started to write about fashion more, but she also started with art exploring. She visited many local and even more international galleries. After exploring art and the entire world around her, she saw the most inspiring exhibitions, from which “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations” presented in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2012 was her favourite. She was sure about it. More than sure, in fact. . She was in love with art and creating. In 2012 she launched her last fashion and beauty blog called Glittering Dreams. This one became her escape from daily life for four years. She could share there all her creative projects. In 2015, she successfully graduated and studied marketing communication for a few months. In this time she collaborated with school of fashion, with modelling agencies, fashion designers, fashion and beauty brands and magazines as stylist and writer. She officially entered the world of fashion. But, yes, there is always but. She pretty soon discovered that she had to create her own position where she lived. She had to do it, when she wanted to do what she liked. She had few sleepless nights full of thoughts, drunk a lot of coffee and ate tons of chocolate, but then, she realized what she wanted. She wanted to create a valuable and inspiring place. Also creative, so she started to create. She called fashion-positive friends, models, photographers and for sure, her best friend Linda. They created amazing concept of online magazine with no ordinary content. Now, here she is. Here we are. And also, it’s exactly where Elisette is.

Betty, introduced as a woman with passion for creation and art of fashion is now located here on www.elisette.com and it’s her final destination. She finally arrived.

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