After Summer Hair Care by Balmain

Time on the beach, by the pool or sea is definitely over. We’re back in offices, back in reality. And also as we have to adapt for some days and switch ourselves to working mood, we have to prepare and repair  our hair, too.

You know, sun, salty water and hot weather aren’t the best for hair and if you’re not treating them well, they may not look good after summer.

Even we were treating our hair during summer not only by protecting shampoos and masks (and hats), but also with hair perfume with UV, summer on hair was still recognizable. Then we tried Balmain revitalizing line and it improved hair immediately. Really, after the first use of Balmain revitalizing shampoo, conditioner and mask, hair were totally different. They were not dry, but renewed, shiny and they smelt so good! And… we were thinking a lot, if it’s appropriate to write this, because it sound like an ad, but we have to, because it’s nothing else, but true – your hair will feel like they were treated in salon by pro. And you know that irreplaceable feeling, which we wish to last forever… Now, you can have it, literally, forever. You are welcome!

Check whole Balmain revitalizing hair care here and Balmain argain oil for even better results here.




Betty Molnárová
Betty Molnárová



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Betty Molnárová
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