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Here I am. At Terminal 4 of Heathrow Airport. I have been staying here for the last six hours, my flight towards Sofia was delyed several times. I don’t mind airports though. I love them. This is the only place one can meet the world by staying at the same place.  Since I sat at a cafeteria here I have been observing the people who pass near me. Some travel alone, anxious and obviously very nervous, some are in couples…honeymoons and romance, some are going insane after their toddlers, armed with dipers and trolleys…

I like to observe their emotions, their kindness toward eachother and love.  And yet everybody is a little bit melancholic for leaving, a little bit sad. The departure places are always kind of minor places – no matter how great it was, you have to leave, and leave behind those who you love, or you are nervous before the new possibilities that are going to come on your way.  Arrivals are a completely different story. People wait for hours to see their friends arriving, to meet them again, so many happy people one can see at the arrivals gate.  They hug for long, kiss and talk loudly. And these are not only special people on special occssions. These are all the people on the planet. In the company of those who we love and care we all are sweet and kind. It is the situation that brings the hell out of us, not an “ugly personality”.  I like to believe this way. Plus being kind is always helpful.  Especially when you travel alone and you don’t know anybody around. Just now for exapmle walking around the duty free shops, trying to kill time I entered one of them. One of the ladies there started talking to me, asking me if I was needed help, so I told her I liked one bag and she showed it to me and then she asked me where I came from – I told her – Bulgaria and she said she is going to visit my country for her summer holiday. We were talking a lot, where she should go, I advised her what to see, which cities are closer to her resort at the seaside, gave her the names of the best clubs and restaurants I know there and I left. I walked around a little bit more and as I did not find anything nicer than that bag there, I decided to buy it. I went back to that place and asked the girl to help me out and give me the price of the bag. I was astonished when I realised I can save 400£ because it was duty free zone and off tax! On top of this, the seller remembered me and said she would give me 10 % discount , claiming that that was the last bag like this in the shop, just because I spend some time talking to her some minutes ago!

I sincerely hope she will have an amazing time on the Bulgarian coast, and I am going to use my bag with loads of love!

Boryana Hristova
Boryana Hristova

lifestyle editor

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