Carolina Herrera – Good Girl

Carolina Herrera is launching her new fragrance Good Girl Légère which will show you, that’s sometimes it’s just #goodtobebad.

Eau de parfum Légère gives tributes to strong women and their joy in life, and calls us to be the one we want to be and to accept all the roles we desire. The smell speaks of modern femme fatale, playing with the sweetness of the tonka beans and Dulce de Leche, a sensual dessert of condensed milk. Innovative scent signed by women that appeal to fun and immorality because… It’s good to be bad!

The combination of sandalwood with flowers, ylang ylang, jasmine and the sweet scent of Dulce de Leche is a sophisticated path of power that adds to the charm and strengthens femininity. Other layers are also spoken: crystallized tonka beans wrap around and smell the scent into a sweet texture.

“The glow of this scent opens like a flower and resonates day and night. It does not endure, adapts to our changing personality. It gives away bold and strong women. Légère here is not a synonym for freshness. EdP Légère is as intense as the original fragrance. The quality of raw materials is high and long-lasting, “says Louise Turner, as the nose of this scent.

The black lacquered bottle with a ribbed golden needle heel and a complex pressure system that allows the release and dispersion of the fragrance breaks down all the flair. “We wanted an object, not a typical bottle. Where else is more power than in the heel? Developing the system to perfection took us four years, during which 600 tests took place. For the new fragrance, a hundred more have been added, “explains Carolina Herrera de Baez, creative director of the fragrances of Carolina Herrera. The challenge became color: midnight blue on the top and transparency at the bottom. The shoe that symbolizes women’s power has attracted the public: “A woman never has enough shoes. If someone tells you that we have a lot of them, stop talking to him.”, recommends Carolina Herrera.

Model and engaging businesswoman Karlie Kloss  is the perfect embodiment of the incomprehensible spell and free authenticity of this new aromatic chapter that the Eau de Parfum Légère has just opened.

Try how good is to be bad. Order new fragrance by Carolina Herrera at or shop in stores.

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