When “Shop ‘til You Drop” Policy Goes Wrong

How many times have you passed through a shop window falling in love with the piece you just spotted, thinking it was too expensive? And what always happens when you see the same piece discounted half price? Well, I am a woman, I know – the moment I see a SALE sign- I enter, preferably with some cash in my purse. I run towards that adorable piece I see begging the Universe to keep it for me! I find “my precious” and I grab it just like the character from “The Lord Of The Rings” movie. And it would be perfectly fine if the story finishes here. However it is just the beginning. Automatically in my head I hear a squezing voice – “If this is on sale, imagine how many other precious goods are discounted as well, let’s just have a glince.” And I follow. I start gathering this jacket, because it is on a good price, these sneakers, because I would never think pink with green and orange combination could go so well on sneakers! I gather King Arthur’s armor kind of dress, as it is very fashionable this season, even if the season is over, fashion always repeats itself so one day it may look chick again. I might spend a sufficient amount on designers’ high heels, even though I am perfectly aware these will take me nowhere, especially if walking is involved. And the quintessence which marks all these unnecessary shopping always is – I desperately need it now, or I will definitely use it later. I like spending money for night gowns and awkward outfits, trusting these fully express authenticity of mine and I pick so many useless dresses as if I am Beyonce and my work requires performing on stage! Well as they say –“Life is a movie, we all play roles, but according to my wardrobe one might think my role was the one of the clown.

I go for shopping as a therapy – distracting myself from what was not right. I follow my instincts and get what I totally don’t need so can get myself feeling better. Love my shopping logic – if there is not my size in stock and the one available, then is two sizes smaller – “It might be a little bit tight, but now when I start using that gym card I have bought several months ago, I am going to get fit within days and this will be just right”. The success rate of which equals zero, most of the time.

The shopping madness goes on when I take my prey home. Exactly like a wild animal sometimes I have to hide some of the goods, as my husband doesn’t need to know the cost of my new dress or shoes or bag. I usually keep calm and wait until the time to put it on comes, so when he asks when did you get this new dress or how much did you pay for it, I patiently answer – oh, I don’t remember – it was so long time ago.

We all have these dirty little secrets, but it is not so funny when I open my wordrobe and things start falling on my head like Niagara Waterfall. Worse comes to worse when I need to pack for a holiday. I always have to pay additional price as my suitcase is too heavy. I never have anything suitable to wear, and there is always something missing. I live an expatriate life so I have an apartment in my home country and one in the country I am based at. Hundreds of times I find myself searching for the bag which goes with the same kind of shoes and understand that bag is in the other flat, in the other country. So no matter what amount of clothes and accessories I own I never had the chance to be composed. Imagine what happens when I have to pack and move to another place. The relocation company is astonished when they hear the number of boxes I will usually need to transfer my precious stuff from one place to another. This is the time when I realize I have bought so many things I have never had the chance to put on even once. I find shirts and skirts and coats with their price tags still on. It seems that the amount of money and time I have lost in the shopping center equals several five – star exotic holidays. Clean up your closet and go on a vacation. Very often we spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need to attract people we don’t know.

We all love to shop till we drop, but in the long run – it is not necessary. We gather goods instead of good memories and we understand that shopping therapy lasts only for a while, when good investments last a lifetime.UložiťUložiť






Boryana Hristova
Boryana Hristova

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