Gel Nails with Le Mini Macaron

To have a perfect looking nails for a long time is a dream of every woman. Now, you can have a beautiful and shiny nails without even going to nail saloon. Try kits for gel nails from LeMiniMacaron and do your gel nails in 15 minutes – anywhere!

How to start? 

For the beginning you will need a gel nails kit from LeMiniMacoron, which includes everything you need for beautiful nails – mini led lamp in the shape of a macaron, 1 gel polish, USB cord and adapter, mini nail file, cuticle stick and 10 polish remover pads. You can choose kit according your styl.  There’re plenty cool colours from which you can choose – including new metallic ones, which we love.

How to apply? 

To apply LeMiniMacaron is super easy and fast. And… you can apply gel polishes anywhere as you can connect an USB cord to your laptop or phone. Isn’t it amazing?

  1. Clean up your nails – remove polish, use nail file and cuticle stick to prepare nails for polish application.
  2. Apply one coat of a gel polish.
  3. Use macaron led lamp.
  4. Apply second layer of a gel polish.
  5. Use macaron led lamp.
  6. And it’s done! Easy, right!?

What we love the most about LeMiniMacaron? It’s easy and funny, we love an unique design and quality of product itself. It’s fast to apply gel polish and effect is beautiful – it’s shiny and last for 7 to 14 days! We never liked any gel mani, which you can do at home, but this one is really rare. You can buy your first kit (and hydrating hand sheet masks) here. Enjoy!

Betty Molnárová
Betty Molnárová



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