How to use Instagram NOW?

In last years, Instagram has become a part of our daily lives. We love it, because it’s a great source of inspiration and motivation, we can share and save our memories there and we can take a look into lives of our family, friends, but also into strangers lives. It’s super exciting, because there’s always something to discover online. But, when it comes to our own accounts, sometimes it’s like science to attract the attention of our followers. Do you feel the same way? Here are the top secrets about how to use Instagram NOW, which will help you more than you think.

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Add posts regularly…

is the most important rule, if you want to keep your followers interested, but also, if you want them to come back to check what’s new. It’s easy, just create a plan and add pictures accodŕding it. It’s helpful and it helps your account stay alive. As I often say, Instagram is like a Tamagotchi, you have to keep it alive…

Be up to date

If you want to do your best with Instagram, you have to know all new trends and follow them on regular basis as they are changing so fast. But the most important, what will never change is, that you have to know people. And you have to know them well to know, what exactly they like and hate. Only when you know them and their needs, you can create an impressive content.

Keep it real

Life is colorful and there’re no filters in it. Keep it real and post only real, breathtaking and eyecatching pictures, which you love and make you happy. If they are positive and you are happy about them, your followers will too!


Hastags are your tickets to your preferred audience. But to use many of them is not always right. It’s much better, when you will use less of them, but more effective ones. Use special and unique hashtags to hit your target audience.

Visual heaven

For us, but basically for everyone, Instagram present a visual heaven. A gallery full of nice and inspiring pictures from strangers from all around the world. Become the one, who will inspire followers and become more than stranger, become a virtual friend with the most lovely visual gallery full of beautiful memories. And always have a colors and visual unification on your mind. 😉


We love InstaStories! We love to watch them, but we also love to create them, it’s fun! And the best is, that you can use InstaStory as and efficient tool to attract your readers eyes. So, have fun and create!


And the most efficient tool, when it comes to Instagram is… River! We use and really like River as we find it as the most powerful tool to get new followers, but also readers. River offer everything we (and you) need. It’s easy to work with it, you can 100% lean on River and it’s 100% real, so no more ghost followers, no ghost follows. And it gives you also so much time to do other important things, just amazing! Highly recommend!





Betty Molnárová
Betty Molnárová


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