In the morning in the cab, at cafeteria, late night in bed and sometimes in the office, too. Women from all around the world are at these places searching for something to do. In the age of technology, there is an easy solution – to grab some iThing and explore. But, where do all these women go? Where do you usually go? To Facebook, Twitter or you are going to check other social media? For sure, they are cool, but especially for conversations with friends or for gossips hunting… Lately, when I’ve been sitting in cafeteria alone, only with my favorite caramel latte, I realized that I’m just sitting there and smiling on my cell phone all the time. Pretty crazy, right? I think so. Then, when I looked around and saw many similar people, I started to think, how it happened, that we are so addicted and that we think, we can’t live without technologies. Did we all moved to world of virtual reality? How can we trust to internet that much? Is something real about things we see on our lightning devices?  It is, but it also isn’t.  I feel about it like I feel about many  overphotoshoped covers, I feel mislead. What we see on-line, is many times edited in postproduction, censored or it’s just advertisement psychological settled to target your mind… And the most striking is, that the world we know today was created by us. And we can also recreate it. It isn’t so long ago that people lived amazing real lives without all of these “achievements” of this age. They met each other more frequently, time went slowly. And there also existed only slow fashion. When channels via which you can share everything in the moment didn’t exist, fast fashion didn’t have sense.  Shouldn’t we slow down and enjoy slow fashion more? Shouldn’t we find exit from virtual reality? I figured out, that we should and I figured it out back then at cafeteria. Then, when I was wasting my time. So, what did I decide to do with my time at cafeteria? I took it by the old fashion way, I read. That’s how I spent really lovely afternoon between meetings with two of my favorite things – with caramel latte and Harper’s Bazaar.


Betty Molnárová
Betty Molnárová


    1. Thank you for your opinion Marina! Yes, I absolutely agree. It makes things much easier for socially awkward people, but on the other side, isn’t already virtual reality reason, why people are socially awkward? I have a similar experience with being socially awkward, but everything get better, when I met right people outside of virtual reality and realized, how is the real world amazing!

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