Popular Food You Need To Eat In Kuala Lumpur

“Jom! Jalan-jalan cari makan (let’s go find some food)”
Today I’ll tell you something about Popular Food You Need To Eat In Kuala Lumpur.

Let’s get started!

♥Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak is the national dish of Malaysia. The name (directly translated to ‘Fatty Rice’) derives from the rich flavours of the rice, which is infused in coconut milk and pandan. The rice is served with food such as a spicy sambal, deep fried anchovies and peanuts, plus slices of raw cucumbers and boiled eggs.

♥Banana leaf
In traditional South Indian Cuisine, a meal is normally served on a banana leaf. Hot steaming rice is paired with your choice of curry, vegetable, deep fried seafood or chicken and accompanied with papadums and cutneys. It’s best to wash down the explosion of flavours with a nice hot mug of sweet teh tarik (pulled tea).

♥Roti Canai
Roti Canai is a local staple in the Mamak (Muslim Indian) cuisine. This flat bread is pastry-like and is somehow cripsy, fluffy and chewy at the same time. It is usually served with dhal and different types of curries.

♥Ikan Bakar
Means burnt fish. Whole fish or sliced fish is slattered with a sambal or tumeric paste and is charcoal-grilled or barbequed (sometimes in a banana leaf wrap). It is often served with a soy based dipping sauce that brings out the flavours even more.

♥Hokkien Mee
This street food originates from Fujian, China. Thick rice noodles are braised in a fragrant dark sauce that is soy and lard based. The dish is tossed with slices of pork, shrimps, fish balls and vegetables.

A sweet bowl of cendol is the perfect treat on a sunny day! Strips of pandan flavoured jellies and kidney beans are topped with shaved iced, coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. Some places served more fancy versions with glutinous rice, sweet corn, durian flesh and diced jackfruit.

Apom is a type of Indian sweet crepe that is normally cooked in a clay pot on a charcoal fire. The batter is made out of eggs, coconut milk, rice flour and sugar. You can either enjoy it plain or with fillings such as brown sugar, bananas or sweet corn.

♥Air mata kucing
This refreshing drink is made from winter melon (tong kua), monk fruit (lo han kor), dried longan (long ngan), and sugar. It’s best served with ice, but some stalls served it hot too. It’s the perfect way to stay hydrated when you are on a go!

♥Lok Lok
Lok Lok is a version of steamboat or hotpot meal, but with a slight twist. The meat and vegetables are served on a stick and dipped into a pot of hot boiling broth. Lok Lok is usually served at food trucks that are usually opened for supper.

♥Pisang goreng
There is nothing that defines teatime in Malaysia more than a plate of crispy banana fritters. Slices of bananas are dipped in a batter and deep-fried to a golden perfection. Some people like to consume it with sambal to give it a savoury taste.

♥Nasi Kerabu
Classic Malay dish that originates from Kelantan. The steamed rice is dyed blue with butterfly-pea flowers and topped with chopped herbs. It is served with green chillies stuffed with fish paste, fish crackers, boiled salted eggs and sambal. Some places serve it with grilled beef or fried fish as well.

♥Ice Kacang
Malaysian style shaved ice. It’s usually topped with different flavoured jellies, red beans, creamed sweet corn, peanuts and other delicious condiments. The mixture is drizzled with coconut milk, a rose flavoured syrup and palm sugar syrup.

♥Roti tissue
Sweet flat bread that is cripsy and wafer thin. It is usually served in a shape of a cone and comes with a side of dhal, curry and condensed milk. Some places serve it with kaya (coconut jam) or ice cream.

I chose the most interesting food for me .
Malaysian food is heavily influenced by Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian cuisine. These influences extend from the use of the wok to the combinations of spices used in many popular dishes.
Malay food is generally spicy.
Dishes are not always necessarily chilli-hot per se, but there will always, at the least, be a chilli-based sambal on hand.

Next post will be About exotic fruit what i also tried and I love it ! Are you looking forward to my next post ? because I’m !





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