Prince Edward Island

A maritime province on the eastern coast of Canada, an extremely rural island marked by red-sand beaches, lighthouses and farmland. Prince Edward Island is also renowned for it’s seafood, mainly lobster.

Taking roughly 9-12 hours to get to PEI it is a rather long journey. Once at Halifax airport you can choose to rent a car or take another flight to Charlottetown. Renting a car was definitely a good idea, it is the best way to explore the island! A good company I recommend is Enterprise.
From New Brunswick drive over the remarkable Confederation Bridge to Borden-Carleton, or take the more scenic route on the ferry from Nova Scotia, and arrive in to the Wood Islands.

Whilst out in Canada as a country they were celebrating their 150th anniversary of being Canada, also known as Canada Confederation.

Jumper: Topshop, Handbag: Bessie London, Boots: Roots, Jeans: Only.

There is lots to discover in Prince Edward Island, one of the tourist hot spots is a town called Cavendish. Situated on the Northern shore of the island, the town is famous for it’s National park which holds a gorgeous sandy beach. Cavendish also has the Green Gables heritage site, which inspired L.M Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables novels.

The dunes in Greenwich is another national park on PEI, a stretch of beautiful golden beaches with lots of cycling and hiking opportunities around the area.

On the Western side of Prince Edward Island is the second largest city in the province, Summerside. However what is described as a city is more like a town, not many shops or restaurants around, nonetheless the city has beautiful cycling trails especially along the seafront. A long stretch of smooth tarmac right next to the sea with stunning views!
Corn mazes are a normal activity to do in PEI, it was a fun experience, (except for lots of mosquitos!) definitely something you are not able to do in England.

Charlottetown is the capital and largest city in PEI. It is a very cute picturesque town with what I can only describe as a life-size doll’s town! For a city there is not much of a shopping area which I would definitely struggle with! The city is not short of restaurants, with lots to choose from and a whole range of cuisine you are spoilt for choice!
For Brunch I recommend Casa Mia café serving traditional Canadian breakfast dishes, including my personal favourite pancakes, bacon and maple syrup!
For evening drinks the beer garden is a beautiful spot to enjoy a local beer and listen to live music, but be sure to bring a jacket as it will most definitely get chilly.

The boardwalk was probably my favourite spot in Charlottetown, a beautiful scenic walk along the edge of the sea, leading round to a lovely lighthouse in Victoria Park.
A sweet ice cream shop called Cows can be found all around Prince Edward Island, but the prettiest parlour was most definitely along the boardwalk!

Prince Edward Island is an attractive island with lots to discover, I recommend visiting for a week in the summer months as a lot more places are open and available to visit.




Rebecca Brotherton
Rebecca Brotherton

Travel editor

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