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When lifelong friends with common passions in design and fashion, Queenie Fan and Day Lau, united, the Cafuné was created. Cafuné, the brand, which presents modern minimalism and feeling of Asia culture is currently on the way to reconsidering a notion of luxury.

Cafuné /ˌka.fu.ˈnɛ/ (Portuguese) – 1. the act of playing with a lover’s hair

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Please, tell us story behind a Cafuné brand. Why did you decided to launch it back in 2015?
Day: Having been lifelong friends, with a shared passion in design, fashion and culture, the idea of starting something together has always been in our hearts. When Queenie decided to move back to Hong Kong in 2015, we capitalised on her past experience in New York and launched a brand that offers what we love – modern, minimal and timeless designs.

Queenie & Day – founders of Cafuné

Your design is extraordinary and minimalistic, every handbag is unique piece of art. What inspire you when you design?
Queenie: I’m mostly inspired by forms and shapes from architecture, sculpture and nature. I’m also inspired by people’s way of using and carrying their bags, it makes me think how people interact with an ‘object’ on their body.

Who is a typical woman, who wear your design handbags?
Queenie: Modern woman who enjoys individuality and embrace timeless and sophisticated designs.

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What do you enjoy the most about fashion design?
Queenie: That it has different interpretation by different people.

Please, describe process from first sketches to realization of one handbag.
Queenie: I start by thinking about the modern womens’ daily lives and explore how different forms can fulfill the functionality. The process of sketching and exploration takes time until I find the right balance between form, functionality and sophistication.

What are the main values of Cafuné?
Queenie: The quality of design and craftsmanship of product.

What are your visions and plans to the future?
Day: To create a brand that encapsulates the lifestyle of a Cafuné woman, so we will expand beyond accessories and into other disciplines. We’d also like to continue our growth and gain reach into more markets.

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Betty Molnárová
Betty Molnárová


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