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I met Lucy online back in 2013. In fact, by random. She added me as a friend on Facebook, even she didn’t know me personally, only through my blog. Since then, we had many conversations about fashion, lifestyle and family. We met in person in 2015 on a press trip. Since day one, Lucy was a huge inspiration for me. She studied and worked in Milan, so she was always talking about fashion there, about showrooms, fashion shows, but also about daily life and people. I loved it! Now, we are talking a lot about media, life and about her cute little daughter Lili as Lucy is a mom. I believe, you will like to know her better, too. Now, you may here and on her blog.

Lucy, you’ve studied and worked in fashion, in Milan. What was the first luxury piece, you couldn’t resist? 

My first luxury purchase was handbag – Speedy 30 by  Louis Vuitton, which I bought for my first salary in Milan.

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How do you build your wardrobe today? 

My wardrobe is built of basic pieces as a “little black dress” or basic white shirt, basic t-shirts, but there’re also always some seasonal pieces and something from second-hand store. And of course, there are also accessories – handbags, shoes and belts, which I love and to which I invest the most.

How do you see fashion trends? 

Trends for me are new wind in sails, as fashion is a game and not just a practical matter. So, I like to take a look at new trends. Of course they have to identify with my personality.

Do you have some favorite fashion brands? 

Of course, I do and there’re plenty of those, which I really love. From classic ones, I like MaxMara and of course, brands from Italia such as Fendi, MiuMiu, Gucci and Valentino, to my beloved French style of house of Chanel. And the one I like recently is Rochas leaded by Alessandro Del Acqua.

If you could or have to choose only one brand for whole life, which one would it be? 

Oh, it’s a hard question, but it would be probably Chanel. Their classic in the modern way by Karl Lagerfeld is something, what impresses me every season.

Where’s your favorite shopping destination? 

I love to shop in Milan. It’s my beloved city, where I spent beautiful 8 years, so I know city very well. But recently I prefer online shopping. My favorite destionations online are Farfetch, Net-a-Porter, MyTheresa and many others. And if I really wish for something unreachable or sold out, E-bay is my best friend.

Who’s your fashion inspiration? 

My mom. It’s a woman with unique taste for fashion, order and discipline. She’s always looking flawless and trendy.

Which piece in your wardrobe do you appreciate the most? 

My Chanel bag. I dreamed about Chanel handbag for years and now, when I finally have it, it has the most honorable place in my wardrobe. It’s my dream, that came true. It’s   timeless classic and a honor to woman, who is a symbol of fashion and it’s revolution.

3 must-haves of Lucy Lumtzer

Quality handbag, iPhone and picture of my daughter.

Vintage or ready-to-wear? Ready-to-wear

New York or Milan? Milan

Do you collect or sort fashion in your closet? I do collect.

Shoes or handbags? Handbags.

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