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When did you noticed, that you have a great sense of beauty, colours and make-up? When did you know, that the work of make-up artist will be the right for you? 

It’s a long story, but I think, that aesthetic and creativity are things, which I inherited from my mom. When I think about it, since I was little I browsed the fashion magazines, which our auntie from western Germany was giving us. Everything in them was so different. More beautiful, colourful and chic.

I may say, that the choice of my profession was also a lot afftected by era, when I danced professionally. Dance as a sport leaded me to Ostrava, where it all began. I danced, I had sponsors and also my parents supported me financially, but I was sure, that it won’t last forever. It forced me to think about what I want to do for living. I considered everything and at end I knew, that I want to become a make-up artist.

I took 1 week long course of make-up and I found a vacancy in cosmetic studio. My idea was, that clients will find me. It was a huge mistake! To earn at least for bread, I had to start with basic cosmetics procedures. Skin cleaning, colouring of brows, depilation and so on. That meant to take another course of retraining and to make my own clients.

You are from Czechia, you lived and worked in Prague, but since you moved you traveled the world as a make-up artist. How do you remember the begining of your journey? 

Yes, I am from Nový Bor. It’s a small city in the north of Czech Republic. From there I moved to Ústí and Labem to study at University and than to Ostrava to dance. To Prague I came in 2007. There I started to work in one cosmetic saloon, but I always wanted to do more than brown shaping. I wanted to become a real make-up artist!

The most important was to have some contacts. In this were make-up competitions and modelling agencies, where I asked for work,  very helpful, so people from industry started to notice me.

As the time was passing by I get to movie production, to TV, to fashion shows, photo shootings, but also to M.A.C  store.

Traveling came later. I moved to Germany in 2010 and I got a job in one of the largest perfume stores in Berlin as make-up artist. After six months I quit because of other job. It was more adventurous, connected with traveling, fun, but mainly personal life. I followed my husband and started to work with him at overseas ships. In 2,5 year at five ships I was on 4 continents and visited 50 countries. I really like to remember those times.

John Sansom

Today you are one of the renowned make-up artists, who was your inspiration on your way? 

Someone up there have to really like me, because he is sending me to life only an amazing people. In fact, I see inspiration everywhere, but if I should say exact names, whose inspired me, supported me and trusted in me, except my parents, it would me make-up artist and my best friend Ivo Špes.

He was a mister of his work and he belonged to the very best make-up artists in my country. Thanks to him I developed my skills, I learned new tricks and I also met new amazing people. Ivo was the best teacher, coach and friend of mine. And even he is not here anymore, I would like to say thank you for everything.

Who’s your inspiration today? 

Pat McGrath, Makeup by Kabuku, Vogue,… In that list would be many names. But still, I think, that’s enough to have eyes open and to perceive the world around you. Inspiration don’t have to come only from pictures in magazines or social media networks. It’s everywhere and in everything.

Luca Latrofa

What do you consider as your greatest success and which way you want to go in your future? 

My greatest success? I’m only working on it. I had some amazing moments, great works, but I feel, that the best is yet to come. Today I live in London and I work for globally famous fashion designer Tom Ford and except that, also on my personal projects. My success is every satisfied client, who is happy to come back to me.

But what I would love to do in the future definitely is to do make-up for cover of Vogue.

Which kind of work do you like the most? Fashion editorials, videos, consultations or make-up for an individual clients? 

I like the most fashion make-up. Editorials and beauty, where I can express myself. But every kind of work has many pros. For example, when you see individual client for who your make-up means happiness, it’s always nice to do.

Do you have some favourite trends in make-up?

I’m not that kind of person, who follow trends. I prefer to pick individually what’s good for my clients or specific projects. I really like bright skin without layers of foundation, but also perfect eyebrows and hydrated lips.

Do you have some special beauty trick? 

Treat your skin by small massage every time, when you are applying creme for hydration. You will congest your skin and it will be brighter too. And also, you will slow down process of wrinkles making.

3 must-have products, which every woman has to know: 

Illuminator Stick – Skin Fetish 003 by Pat McGrath

Eyeliner – Deeper by Tom Ford

The Original Contur Kit (light to medium) by Anastasia Beverly Hills

You travel a lot, where is your favourite place and where is the pleace, you are always happy to come back? 

In November I came back from vacation in Philippines. It was an amazing 14 days of sun, azure sea and very friendly people. But also I like to travel Indonesia and my very favourite destination is still Caribic. Aruba, Antigua and Grenada… these places are paradise on earth for me.

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