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SO▲YA VERTICAL CONNECTION is an Italian eyewear brand that was born from the creative inspiration of the eyewear designer Matteo Pontello. The perfect sense for the detail and minimalistic design of SO▲YA, makes it one of a kind brand with artistic eye for modern eyewear, which is worth to know.

Please, tell us story behind SO▲YA VERTICAL CONNECTION. What was your inspiration to create an eyewear brand whith such a modern and minimalistic designs?

Right now my biggest inspiration is from interior design. I took the contrasts balancing them and making them one thing in the final product. From the geometric lines of the SO▲YA temples to the soft shapes of the fronts to the contrast of combinations of cool colors given by marble effects and warm materials such as the acetate. Define and design harmony of the product.

Please, tell us more about your first collection. It’s really immpressive and different, what was your inspiration and aspiration while you was making this collection?

My biggest aspiration is that the customer can perceive and nourish the beauty of it, feel excited about seeing it and wearing it. More than an object I would like the soya eyewear to be a talisman loaded with an energy that can affect many people in a positive way.

This is why I pay close attention to details, trying to increase the value in quality and in aesthetics.

What a woman wearing your glasses looks like?

The SOYA woman has her own identified and clear personality, she knows what she wants, she loves fashion but she is not a victim, and her SO▲YA glasses help her to enhance her beauty. Refined and elegant, she loves everything new.

Images above: Diario de Estilo by Mariona Planas

What do you love the most about eyewear design?

The thing that I love the most is the ability to draw and create beauty, beauty connected with something bigger, and to see the result of the finished product.

What do you love the most about designing?

I love the state that is created between me and something bigger. It is a feeling that artists can understand well, a kind of creative ecstasy. I open to intuition, I welcome the ideas that come down from the top, and I leave my hands moving, and when I come back to earth, I find the beauty of this experience expressed in SO▲YA.

Do you feel, that place where you live influenced your creation?

I love the void that makes me staring at nature, away from the noise of the city, near my home there is a river, Sile, that I love to walk by, to empty my mind and to open it for new ideas.

Who are the icons you admire and can always take inspiration from?

An icon that I admire is definitely MYKITA, I like what it emanates and has created so far, an ever-modern high quality technical product.I admire entrepreneurs for their courage, I admire all the people who have a dream and do everything to accomplish it.

What are you visions and aspirations to the future? Can we expect a new collection in 2017?

I see myself playing more with the colors, colors contrast and combining them with various materials, studying new structures to work with new metal effects on new construction lines.

Where we can buy SO▲YA  eyewear?

You can buy SO▲YA in fashion and optical stores. From Milan to Tokyo, Madrid, Barcelona, Athens, Venice and more cities worldwide. We have around 50 selected stores that are selling SO▲YA.

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Betty Molnárová
Betty Molnárová


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