The Best Non Powdery Powders

Achieving an ethereal, lit-from-within glow is the best way to look healthy and fresh, rather that cakey and dry. While much of this comes down to skincare, a luminous complexion is also a job for makeup. But there are two problems with a dewy base. One is the fine balance between dew and full on grease. The first is beautiful and goddess-like, the second is less appealing. The other problem is longevity. Any base which looks fresh and sheeny is naturally going to be more slippy and slidey.

The solution? Setting powders that don’t look obvious, matte and cakey, but are finely milled, invisible and even somehow glow-giving. Or, as I’m terming them, the best non-powdery powders.

The first is the Diaphanous Powder from Rouge Bunny Rouge. Unlike a lot of loose powders, this is actually portable thanks to its ingenious packaging, with mesh stretched over the loose powder and help in place by a plug device in the lid. Diaphanous is the keyword here – it is the most lightweight and finely milled substance imaginable. When rubbed between fingers it almost feels like a liquid or gas! And when applied to set the face it almost disappears into the skin, lightly mattifying and making sure everything is locked into place while remaining basically invisible. A magic product.

A budget alternative to this is the Milani Prep Set and Go powder. It’s pressed, rather than loose like the Diaphanous, but it still has that awesome nearly-invisible quality. It looks white in the pan but is truly translucent and well suited to all skin-tones. While not quite as soft and luxurious feeling, it’s still an amazing product for small placement powdering, leaving areas glowy. You can also use it pre-foundation, as a sort of powder-primer. Super innovative, and amazingly affordable!

But if you want to just wear powder while retaining a healthy skin glow, I highly recommend the Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation. Like their whole Naked Skin range, this is designed to be the epitome of no makeup makeup, leaving skin looking natural but perfected, glowy but not shiny. The texture is unbelievably soft and creamy, and when applied it really cleaverly mimics and natural skin like finish – neither totally matte nor overly shiny. There is no visible shimmer, just light-diffusing glow. It’s also totally perfect for touching up on the go, or throwing in a handbag, thanks to its handy compact.

A final tip for a non-powdery yet long-lasting look is the addition of a hydrating facial spray. A great one is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea. It smells amazing ad has a light fine mist which works amazingly over makeup. It won’t disrupt your hard work, but will add a layer of moisture and melt all your makeup into your skin for the most natural, non-cakey finish.

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Annie Walton Doyle
Annie Walton Doyle

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