To Be Or Not To Be A Multitasker

Finally women have been give the right to to vote. Later we have achieved the right to work equally as men. Unfortunately  our salaries are not equal, but still we keep on pushing.  However  all  rights stories women have decided to go back barefoot in the kitchen and voluntary to stay behind the  bars of their own belifs and lack of  enthusiasm. Sometimes we prefer the status quo and we stick to it as is the best mantra we can think of. “I am a woman, I cannot manage it… “.  Especially when we get pregnant and need to take care of the children. Numerous of questions start – “Should I stay at home or should I go back to work” ; “Should I hire a babysitter and how would I know she would take a good care of my child, without me knowing her so well”; “Can I trust somebody who is not from the family to rise my child”; “Should I pay additionally for a babysitter when my sellary is not big enough to cover my own needs”; “Should I quit my job and start something online with more time for my family?”; “Am I a good mother willing to still work after having children?” – depends on the maternity period. Different for every country, women are forced to trade their time with the newborn with  their non working time for less and less. The stress gets so much that women decide to quit being a mother and go back to work, as they need to provide for their kids.

Society is the devil

Judgments are falling like the Niagara Waterfalls nowadays, regarding bad parenting.  Women have been accused of  not paying enough attention to their kids  , who lack any manners and good attitude. Unnecessary  is to say that  work-life balance is usually a myth.  Better professionals at work and crappy mothers at home women are forced to multitask. And we know we are the better gender to obtain perfect environment where being best at work and a perfect mom at home is totally doable.

Women Empowered

Step by step we are following the rules of the modern society where we get educated, then find a job, then get married and have children, then we go back to the job, then take care of the grandchildren. This was the regular cycle of a woman’s life until the mid ‘90s. Thanks God this chail is broken and we can proclaim ourselves free of charge and not following these steps in the same row. However being cinstitent in the cycle may give us a certain feeling of  order, it imprison us to a level that everybody believes it is normal.

These years of following the rukles are hopefully gone. There is nothing wrong of being a workacholic and a mother at the same time. To be able to score the same at the office and be given the same opportunities as your male colleagues. There is nothing to be afraid of if we require bigger salaries and better opportunities at work. More and more women societiers are expanding and giving their members a scent of belief and a push to stand up and ask for more. We are born multitaskers, and there is nothing wrong to show it to the world.

Boryana Hristova
Boryana Hristova

lifestyle editor

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