24 hours in Venice

Sometimes we are dreaming about the things and places, without even knowing they are real. We are dreaming about atmosphere, feelings and vibes.

For me the place I always dreamed about, but didn’t really knew was Venice. When I came there and saw the legendary city on the water for the first time, for me, it was breathtaking.

As usually, I had no plan, so I just followed directions to the San Marco square. I arrived there after I went through many little and tight streets of this city. They were really nice and full of life. Residents were working, often with doors wide open, so I saw them working in their offices, but also in traditional workshops. It was incomparable with any city I ever been to.

After few times I’ve been lost, I find super crowded streets, so I knew, that I’m already pretty close to the one of the most admired points in Venice. San Marco Square and Bridge of Sighs were both incredible, as well as the view to the other city parts.

To see Venice and all of the main touristic spots was really nice for me. But as usually, the nicest for me was to lost in these little streets of such a beautiful city, to see a typical life of residents, to see a cat sitting in the window or all of these gondolas, which looked like from romantic movies. Oh and also, really nice was to find a food spot, I had to visit twice a day. Really, when you are in Venice, go and try I love Italy bistro, where you can eat really tasty italic food, incl. spaghetti, wraps and crepes, but you can get there also fresh fruits to go. Highly recommend to visit this spot.

From Venice, I travelled to 4 hours long trip to three close and super nice islands – Murano, Torcello and Burano.

Murano was the first island I visited after about 45 minutes on boat. Murano is a tiny island close to Venice (also as other two), which was and still is famous by making of glass. I saw really interesting way how glass-blower can work with glass. Incredible smart and experienced man, it was beautiful.

Torcello was the smallest island also with the lower population. There was Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and many beautiful gardens and fields to see. If you will be there and if you will have a more time as I had, I recommend to enjoy silence and relax in one of local restaurant’s gardens. I’d love it.

And the last, but not least, my favorite colorful island – Burano. This island is famous by colorful fisherman’s houses, but also by lace. It was really nice to see a traditional way of making of Burano lace, but also to see all of those colorful streets.

So, if you are planning your trip to Italy, I highly recommend to visit Venice, city on the water, where you can spend days by losing, but also finding and exploring. And if you will be there, go on the calm trip to Murano, Torcello and Burano. The slow life on these islands will make you calm and happy again.







Betty Molnárová
Betty Molnárová


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